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About us

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The Eagles

Rockfields Senior School is a unique boys’ secondary school offering the 8-4-4 system of education with a modern hostel, cafeteria and smart boards facilities that capture a home away from home serenity. We are located 30 km from Nairobi city center, in Ongata Rongai near Nazarene University in Kajiado County.


The Rockfield Senior School exists to inculcate transformative belief systems and nurture an all-around character in terms of social, emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual well-being through experiential learning.


To be the leading learning institution in Africa, in producing transformational global leadership.

Teaching staff.

We have a teaching staff with a scientific fit coupled with a passion for teaching and learning. They will have the regular capacity building to move in tandem with emerging trends in society, technology, teaching methods among others. We already have staff houses for each one of them. Each teacher will have a mentor to help him/her realize his/her full potential for the posterity of our school and nation.

At Rockfield senior school we have the desire and commitment to mold innovative youth through the following transformational programs:

Mr Waweru

Mr. Oginga

Ms. Catherine

Mr Majiwa






Smart Classes

An innovative digital approach to teaching and learning through our smart classes will give both learners and teachers an opportunity to excel in all areas. During this era and age, it is vital that we offer an environment that has a continuum with what our learners have at home and in line with emerging world trends. In these centers, learners will be able to access learning materials prepared by a body of well-experienced teachers and teacher mentors. We will move from the information approach to the transformation approach in how we deliver the curriculum.


At Rockfield Senior School we shall put special emphasis on mentoring not only our learners but also the teaching staff, support staff, management, and parents. This will focus the Rockfield family towards value-based leadership in order to become the future that we dream of. There are a variety of challenges for each of the categories to be mentored. We have thus put in place a mentorship program with top-notch mentors who have the responsibility of churning mentors from each one of us. These mentors have unique local, regional and global experiences on mentorship towards transformational leadership. Of particular significance is the use of the Singaporean model of mentorship for global leadership. Parents will be involved in this area as vital partners in the process and indeed they will serve as both mentors and mentees. Further to this, our learners will be encouraged to join the President’s Award Scheme as a character building outdoor program with ultimate awards that have a great impact on one’s future.


The school is equipped with ultra-modern sports Facilities such as an Olympic standard size swimming pool, Two basketball courts, a lawn tennis court, Hockey field, and soccer fields. The school boast of numerous awards and trophies such as Rugby 7’s and 15’s, Basketball, Hockey and swimming that reached the National