Through Sportive and Club activities, students at Rockfields Junior develop skills and interests in many varied fields. We encourage students to develop physical skills, coordination, strength and physical fitness.


Our learners enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction from our wide range of outdoor sporting activities like Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Lawn Tennis and a wide range of indoor games.

Every second term, inter house creative programmes are organised by the Extra-Curricular Department to provide opportunities for healthy competition and the fostering of integrity, sportsmanship and cooperation among students. The school has 5 houses namely Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White houses.


We boast of a wide range of clubs in the school. These clubs enable students to develop skills and interests in many varied fields; hence contributing to the broad educational experience at Rockfields Junior. These clubs help in tapping and nurturing a child’s interest in addition to fostering academic performance. They include: Drama and Journalism, Scouts, Music, Wildlife, French, Cookery, Swimming, Karate, Skating, Bible, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Chess, Band,

These clubs are managed by trained facilitators and instructors with high reputation in their respective discipline.

Swimming Club:

Swimming Club at Rockfields Junior School is aimed at improving member’s endurance and stamina. We encourage all students to participate in swimming classes as it helps in improving performances of members in practically every discipline both in class and outside. Regular swimming lessons alongside weekly sporting activities can only motivates your child to do well in academic studies. Based on our own experience children involved in swimming lessons have high confidence and self-esteem.We encourage that your child should start swimming at a younger age for our instructors to encourage them to have frequent, positive swimming opportunities to lower their fear of drowning, heighten their swimming performance, and increase their swimming self-efficacy

Cookery Club:

With the team of our experienced instructors, Cooking Club provides practical experience with many essential skills such as reading, following directions, and measuring. Our members develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and even early concepts of math and Science.  In addition to our children trying new and healthy foods our members indicate a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, and feeling of contributing to their team and families. The skill learnt here makes our learners to skip processed snack foods as they prepare their own food more. Rockfields Cookery Club members learn lifetime skills through practicing basic math skills such as counting, weighing, measuring, tracking time; they also gain social skills by working together and communicating in the kitchen.

Music Club:

With our children learning Music, we facilitate learning other subjects and enhancing skills that children inevitably use in other areas. It is a fact that music-rich experience for children of singing, listening and moving is of serious benefit to children as they progress into more formal learning

Making music involves more than the voice or fingers playing an instrument; our children learning about music must tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously. At Rockfields Junior School Music Club, we help support language development of our children in addition to making the brain to work harder hence increasing the IQ. With our children understanding music we therefore help them visualize various elements hence helping them solve multistep problems in Maths, Science, arts and working with computers.

Skating Club:

Karate Club:

Training in Karate mentors our children on respect and courtesy. It begins with respect for the instructors and team members. This in turn teaches them to respect themselves. They learn the importance of being polite to everyone whether they like them or not. In the club, we teach our young members to persevere, to continue pressing forward if something is difficult but worth achieving in addition on how to face failure and move past it by picking themselves up and trying again. With this, we intend to help children become surer of themselves and ultimately gaining the confidence they need to speak in front of the class or even perform a difficult pattern in front of a panel of judges, the kind of tasks that will help them become successful adults.

Scouts Movement:

Scouting complements the school and the family-filling needs not met by either. We help our members to develop self-knowledge and the need to explore, to discover, and to want to know. Our Scouts discover the world beyond the classroom, tapping the skills of others to learn and to become well-rounded people.

Joining Rockfields Scouts Movement helps your child to develop physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. We help build his/her confidence and self-esteem; learning important life skills and leadership skills, team building, outdoor adventure, education, and fun! Our Scouts learn how to make good choices and to take responsibility for their actions so that they are prepared for their adult life as independent persons.

Soccer Club:

In the Soccer Club, we help develop agility, speed and stamina, in our children as we teach them the importance of teamwork, so it can play an important part in your member’s physical and social development. Through sprints after the ball and jogging up and down, we build endurance and speed. The health benefits of active participation in Soccer include stronger bones and muscles, decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and decreased chance of becoming overweight. In our clubs we encourage  teamwork and communication which allows a child to identify personally with team successes, rather than feel a need to outperform teammates to gain recognition.

Wildlife Club:

Rockfields Wildlife Club members are always happier and healthier because the club takes them closer to the nature. The Rockfields Junior School Wildlife Club has been helping children to experience and learn about the natural world around them. If you simply want nature to play a bigger part in your child’s life, then enroll your young one to appreciate what nature brings forth. Joining this club helps the learner to learn more about the team spirit, appreciating the nature, conserving the environment around them hence improving their skills and knowledge in Science and Social Studies.