Established in 1997 with only 2 pupils during the first week, Rockfields School is now a glowing and growing reality.

The school has grown in leaps and bounds to it's current size adding each level per year from class 1 to class 8 in the last fifteen years.

Rockfields is a co-educational institution offering the 8-4-4 system of education. The school is founded on strict christian principles. It has a proven track record in academic achievements in KCPE as well as in good nurturing of children both in social and spiritual matters.

Who we are

The school has ranked top 10 in Nairobi in KCPE in the last 3 years. The school's objective is to give a holistic education in a caring and safe environment. Please visit our campus and experience the school.

Rockfields has been able to setup a place for itself in the academic field in the 6 times it has done the national KCPE examinations placing itself comfortably in the top 10 position in Nairobi with an average meanscore of over 370 points.

The school is proud to have sent pupils to both National and Top extra-county schools.