Vision 2030

At RockFields Senior School we understand all too well our role as part of the Vision 2030 agenda. Our learners will be exposed to national development agenda through involvement in practical activities such as innovative:

- Localization of national values in their day to day activities

- Involvement in actual livestock and fisheries programs within the school

- Debates of national significance that capture the various flagship projects in a simplified and realistic manner

- Sharing of the various county and national innovations particularly by fellow Kenyan students and youths.
- Bringing on board various players in the agenda to give relevant talks and interactions with our learners, staff and parents.
- Critical guidance into scientific ventures through science projects
- Presentations during parades by teachers, parents, mentors and the learners.
- Visits and excursions to various institutions and projects undertaken under the flagship projects
- Challenging learners to dramatize the Vision 2030 for National Drama festivals
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