Academic Curriculum

Academic life at Rockfields is uniquely stimulating and one of the main reasons’ families join us. We have perfected the ability to excite learners in the classroom and establish a good foundation for constant learning appetite in life.

Through the CBC curriculum that currently runs from reception class to Grade 4, we offer a wide range of academic, creative, and technical disciplines. Learners are required to undertake core subjects such as Mathematics, languages, Sciences, and humanities as well as creative ones such as art and craft, music. Technical subjects offered are computing and design and technology.

We understand the importance of examinations and academic performance. Hence, through our 8-4-4 curriculum offering that applies to Class 5 to 8, we have developed strategies for ensuring our students master content and are ready for examinations in their candidate years and the next phase of their life which is High school. While success in examinations is important, a Rockfields education goes far beyond this and at every stage, students are encouraged to pursue intellectual, creative, and cultural interests beyond the formal curriculum.